Membership application details

Please read carefully

1. To apply for membership, please complete all details on the membership form (available for download below), sign, and forward WITH the joining fee of $25 to: S Goode, Secretary Chordiality Inc, PO Box 6568 St Lucia QLD 4067

2. If you do not have a Nominator or Seconder, the Committee will assist you.

3. A term fee is payable for each term in which you participate in Chordiality's activities.

4. Try-before-you-apply arrangements. Before making an application for membership you may, subject to the Committee's discretion, participate in one (1) rehearsal free of charge, and up to three (3) more rehearsals, each for a per-week charge (10% of the term charge). You must apply for membership before participating in more than four (4) rehearsals.

While your application is being considered you may, subject to the Committee's discretion, continue to participate in rehearsals for a per-week charge.

5. Upon your application being accepted, your term fee for that term will be the usual fee discounted pro rata according to the number of weeks left in the term. Note that after your membership is accepted, the term fee is not discounted for further absences from rehearsals. This is because of the importance of regular rehearsals of the whole choir.

6.The Constitution and By-Laws are available for download above or by request from the Secretary.



Joining fee (one off ) $25

Term fee

Standard $120

Concession $100 (student, pensioner)

There are four terms per year. Each term includes 10 rehearsals and a one full-day workshop